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the problem of existence


Exquisitely brief, dreadfully boring, ecstatic, sad, wrenched between extremes.

I try to make the best of it.

This morning I told a friend that I think I’m basically someone who wishes they were more holy, and who has read a few good books.

Fair enough, even if it only scratches the surface of my problem.

Smarter people than me have put words to it, and found as I have that words alone do not quite describe the dilemma of life. Action is required.

Buddha or St. Augustine might say that human experience is characterized by an “ill at ease” feeling, perhaps phrased as dissatisfaction or suffering. But they would add that our actions of body and mind largely work to create this trouble.

My intention in this journal is to briefly share some personal explorations of these matters, both the problems and the solutions.

Academically, I have a modest background in philosophy and psychology.

Practically speaking, after decades of being “a seeker” I find myself a recent convert and practicing Catholic.

My conviction is that satisfaction may be found through ongoing conversion. And this through prayer, personal reflection, and ethical living.