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REAP Daily Living

  • R - Reading

  • E - Examination

  • A - Action

  • P – Prayer

Read the Bible, Church Fathers, Catechism, devotional literature, something inspirational. Consider Lectio Divina.

Examine your life daily. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict you of any unhealthy attitudes and behavior interfering with your ability to cultivate intimacy with God.

Act with wisdom, compassion, and clarity of vision throughout your day.

"Pray without ceasing."

During the course of your day, actually make note of things to pray about, including things for which you are thankful, people who have needs, or personal needs. Lift these up briefly as you note them, and review your notes during your daily Quiet Time.

Choose a simple prayer you can remember to turn to several times a day. For example:

  • "Come, Holy Spirit"

  • "Jesus, have mercy" (Prayer of the Heart)

  • “Maranatha”