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finding the rhythm

I have been continuing to settle into a routine of daily mass and quiet time in the tabernacle chapel, and it seems to be a quality of life improvement.

Currently I use a meditation timer with a non-intrusive gong to let me know when I need to wrap it up and drive to the office. This allows me to read, meditate, reflect, and pray without the distraction of constantly checking the time.

Lately my quiet time has been more Marian and intercessory, a bit less Desert Fathers and Benedictine. With a book on Marian consecration as my guide, I’m reflecting on a different mystery of the rosary each morning. The book has a bit of an Ignatian influence, which hasn’t traditionally been my thing but isn’t bad.

I’ve only missed one daily rosary since this process started, last Saturday when I didn’t set aside quite enough time. I find the rosary a personally meaningful devotional and a helpful tool for stilling the mind as a support for prayer.

When I renewed my commitment to daily contemplative discipline, it took a few days to find any kind of rhythm. I had to find out how much time I needed for certain devotional practices, driving to work, etc. But I also didn’t have a specific plan in place for what to do during adoration.

Over the last few weeks I have found some structure in a natural way, and it’s paying off. For now the book Total Consecration Through the Mysteries of the Rosary is providing an excellent framing device for reading, meditation, and prayer. After I complete it, I may use the Dover edition of The Imitation of Christ to guide daily reflection. We’ll see.