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This is one version (as it was constantly under revision) of a dictionary of made-up words I came up with for fun back in the 90s.

antoine-- (v., ann-TWAHN) to come to terms with one of life's fundamental paradoxes, only to forget about it before you can put it to use

biscosity-- (n., BIS-koss-it-ee) the relative hardness of an aging biscuit

boblection--  (n., bob-BLECH-shun) the general process of drafting and defining terms such as zosil, having failed to othlat

boblectionary-- (n., bob-BLECH-shun-air-ee) a collection of gluckstadts

bogue chitto-- (v., BOH-guh CHIT-toh) to scratch a flitch

creeble-- (n., KREE-buhl) the head shake one makes upon repetilag that humanity is qaltaqa

drecknology-- (n., DREHK-nahl-oh-jee) the body of knowledge and practice contributing to the development of the mediocre and disappointing

dreeble-- (n., DREE-buhl) a variant of creeble associated with volem resulting from xool

ebne-- (n., ehb-NEE) the moment of decision following the telling of a joke that nobody understood, in which one is expected to explain it and would rather not

flitch-- (n., FLIHCH) an itch lacking a known cause

gluckstadt-- (n., GLUK-stat) a word that should exist, if it doesn't already

grumumble-- (n., gruh-MUM-bull) the incomprehensible sounds uttered during janxter

hrumph-- (n., HRUMF) the sound made (even if it doesn't come out sounding quite like "hrumph") when one discovers that one has changed ones mind about something about which one had formerly held extremely firm convictions

iuka-- (n., i-OOH-kuh) the threshold at which tupelo breaks down

janxter-- (n., JANX-ter) that awkward period after awakening characterized by the inability to even make coffee successfully

jerkocity-- (n., JERK-oss-it-ee) the degree to which one is acting like a jerk

kumbla-- (n., KUHM-bluh) the smell of a fresh book

landley-- (v., LAND-lee) to speak to someone/something incapable of hearing or understanding you as though you are both heard and understood (as in talking to babies, pets, or that driver who just cut you off)

moltna-- (n., MOHLT-nuh) the mistake of assuming that someone understands your babbling just because they're too polite to interrupt you

nontology-- (n., nohn-TAWL-oh-gee) the study of non-existence

othlat-- (v., oh-THLOTT) to attempt to determine the precise nature of the feeling experienced during a zosil

oxford-- (v., OX-ford) to burden oneself in the extreme apparently for the amusement of another

polale-- (v., po-LAYL) to desire to successfully othlat

qaltaqa-- (adj., KAHL-tock-ah) compulsively prone to self-destructive activity of a highly creative nature, such that unpredictable new forms of self-destruction can occur spontaneously

rapatap-- (n., RAP-ah-tap) the sound made during an attempt to determine biscosity, often heard during jankster

repetilag-- (n., rehp-EH-tihl-lagg) discovery of further evidence of something one keeps trying to forget because the thought of its truth is just too awful to think about

scritter-- (v., SCRIHT-er) to laugh loudly at another person's boblection

sethter-- (n., SEHTH-ter) the delusional laughter of one who thinks he has successfully caused someone else to oxford

tupelo-- (n., TUE-pell-oh) the tendency to tolerate and/or ignore vast quantities of the ridiculous in order to get some work done

uberstanding-- (n., OOH-burr-stand-eeng) understanding something something so much more thoroughly than someone else that you are basically incapable of communicating with them on the subject intelligibly

volem-- (n., VOLE-uhm) the discomfort resulting from simultaneous states of cognitive dissonance and emotional dissonance

wastulence-- (n., WASS-tue-linse) similar to flatulence, the activity of certain individuals who spew their personal histories

xool-- (v., ZOOL) to treat someone you care for worse than you would dare treat a stranger

yibben-- (n., YIHB-bihn) the point after which you no longer feel guilty about your "guilty pleasures" and before you cease to find pleasure in them

zosil-- (n., ZOH-sill) the experience of an intangible feeling, the precise nature of which one is unaware at the time of the experience